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Achieve More with Digital Books

Titan Direct Access | RedShelf | Cengage Unlimited


Convenient and easy to use, digital books have become the best value in course materials. Included study tools like highlighting and notes will help you gain an edge in the classroom.


Digital Books FAQ

Titan Direct Access (TDA): Students must have an active CSUF email account, Campus Wide ID (CWID) and be enrolled in courses that use TDA course materials.

RedShelf & Cengage Unlimited:No requirements. Available to anyone who wishes to purchase.

Digital course materials may be purchased at or in-store. Click here to begin purchasing online. If in-store, look for the barcode on the bookshelf next to the specific book. Take that barcode to any register in the store to finalize your purchase.

Titan Direct Access (TDA): Free access is provided until the add/drop date for the semester. Your TDA books will be available through the CSUF Student Portal. Before the trial period ends, you must purchase the ebook to maintain access. The TDA title can be purchased after the trial period ends, however, reactivation of the book may take up to one business day.

RedShelf & Cengage Unlimited: Access instructions will be emailed to customers on the day the purchase is made. Email will come from RedShelf (alias is CSU Fullerton Titan Shops) so please ensure your email spam filter is not blocking these messages. Books can be purchased and activated at any time during the semester.

Titan Direct Access (TDA): Most books have perpetual access. Depending on the publisher, some books are only available for 180 days.

RedShelf: Access is available for 180 days from the date of activation.

Cengage Unlimited: Available duration options are 1 semester, 12 months, and 24 months.

Titan Direct Access (TDA): Initial access is provided within the CSUF Student Portal. Once purchased from Titan Shops, titles can also be accessed through or the VitalSource Bookshelf app.

RedShelf & Cengage Unlimited: Once activated, books can be found at and

Titan Direct Access: Can be refunded by the add/drop deadline with receipt. After the add/drop deadline, there are no refunds or exchanges.

RedShelf & Cengage Unlimited: Can be refunded within 14 days of purchase with receipt. No more than 10% of the book should be accessed.


More About Titan Direct Access

The Direct Access program allows students immediate access to their course materials, in digital format, by the first day of classes. All students, in courses where Direct Access is offered, will have free digital access to the specified course material, up until the add/drop period ends. In order to maintain digital access, students will need to pay for the material through Titan Shops. The Direct Access program is a partnership between the CSUF-Information Technology division, Titan Shops and select publishers.

The benefits include immediate access to course materials at the start of classes, ensuring that you are better prepared for a successful semester. You will have access to your course material on any Wi-Fi enabled device, and can take notes and highlight the material digitally. Digital content also results in lower course material costs when compared to typical new or used book prices, and it is environmentally friendly.

Titan Direct Access Program using Titan Shops Payment Plan is a trial program in select classes that gives students free access to their course materials through a link in their campus portal until the last day to add/drop courses. If students want to Opt-Out of the program, they must do so before the last day to add/drop courses.

If students do not choose to Opt-Out of the program, they will be automatically billed through their Titan Shops Payment Plan account. They can make partial or complete payments and will have until mid-semester to pay off their balance.

If you already purchased or rented a print version at Titan Shops and you would prefer to have the digital content, simply bring your book and receipt to the Book Information counter on the 2nd floor at Titan Shops by the add/drop deadline and let the staff know you would like to switch. The value of your initial purchase will be applied to the new Direct Access purchase.

You can utilize the Titan Payment Plan available through Titan Shops. This will allow you to charge the payment for the Direct Access program to your instore account by the deadline, and then you will have 2 months from the start of the semester to pay off your account balance. This is available for all course material purchases. See a store associate for more details.

This is a new program currently with a limited number of titles available. If successful, the program will be expanded with additional titles in future semesters.

To access Pearson course materials for these classes, please read Campus IT's support article.