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Rental Book Insurance

Accidental damage protection for just $5


Here's How it Works

  1. Rent your textbooks in-store.
  2. Notify the cashier the number of insurance units you wish to purchase. Note: If you rent more than one title, one insurance unit can be applied to any one of those titles.
  3. If something happens to your books, you're covered. Simply bring back the damaged book to Customer Service at the end of the semester and skip the replacement fee.

Rental insurance only applies to accidental damage. Please review the program guidelines below.


Program Guidelines

  • Insurance can only be applied for the term in which the Insurance was purchased.
  • Insurance can be purchased any time prior to finals week.
  • Insurance purchased after the initial rental transaction will require the books be brought to the bookstore for a condition assessment. Any books already damaged will not be eligible for insurance.
  • Rental Insurance does not cover lost or stolen books. Lost or stolen books will be assessed the replacement fee. View rental replacement fees.
  • Types of damage covered under Rental Insurance include liquid damage, missing or ripped covers and pages, and excessive wear.
  • Rental books must be returned, regardless of the condition. Un-returned rental books will be charged the replacement fee.
  • Refunds for Rental Insurance will be provided up to the deadline for Course Material refunds in the given term. Refer to the Support page for refund deadlines.