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Textbook Lowest Price Guarantee

If textbooks are available for less at another qualifying College Bookstore or online book company (marketplace and auction sites do not apply) Titan Shops will match the price. Books must match ISBN, edition and condition (new/used/rental) and be in stock. For sites charging shipping, those costs will be included in the competitor's price. International editions/comp/free/review copies do not qualify. Valid at time of purchase or until refund deadline.

Qualifying Retailers

Qualifying retailers include publisher websites, Amazon.com (new/rental only), Barnesandnoble.com (new/rental only), Ecampus.com, Textbooks.com, and Chegg.com.

Books found in Marketplace or auction features within these sites are typically sold by individuals and do not qualify. Must show live website of competitor.


The rental price matched to qualifying rental companies must be for the same rental period as offered by Titan Shops.


Titan Shops reserves the right to determine what retailers qualify for price matching. Qualified retailers are based upon prior program usage. Titan Shops reserves the right to change the program at any time.